The TPF company is one of the main employers in the canton.

Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF) SA are a major employer in the canton of Fribourg and intend to fulfil their role in society. In order to achieve that, they work in close relation with the various regional employment agencies (ORP) in order to help jobseekers to re-integrate into the labour market.


Date Title Location Categories
23.09.2016 Apprenti mécatronicien (véhicules utilitaires) CFC (H/F) - 2 places Fribourg ou Bulle Emploi: Apprentissage
24.10.16 Collaborateur Informations Voyageurs (H/F) Fribourg, dès 2019 Givisiez Emploi: TPF TRAFIC
20.10.16 Aspirants conducteurs d'autobus / trolleybus (H/F) Fribourg / Bulle Emploi: TPF TRAFIC
20.10.16 Ingénieur en développement de l’offre de transports (H/F) Fribourg, dès 2019 Givisiez Emploi: TPF TRAFIC
14.10.16 Assistant RH à 100% (H/F) Fribourg - Givisiez dès 2019 Emploi: TPF
23.09.2016 Apprenti informaticien (H/F) - 1 place Fribourg Emploi: Apprentissage
23.09.2016 Apprenti employé de commerce CFC (H/F) - 1 place Fribourg Emploi: Apprentissage
11.09.2015 Mécaniciens de locomotives (H/F) Fribourg Emploi: TPF TRAFIC
11.04.2016 Aspirants mécaniciens de trains Bulle / Fribourg Emploi: TPF TRAFIC

On-going training

For TPF, staff training is not only essential in order to ensure a high-quality service to the end user but also for the personal development of the workforce itself. This is why all the staff are offered an on-going training programme each year. The training programme includes various courses on topics such as conflict management, team leadership and IT. Training also includes giving thought to the staff of the future by ensuring that there are apprenticeships available in the workshops and in administration.