Four Cornerstones of the Fribourg Economy

The management and staff of four well-known Fribourg companies, BCF (Banque Cantonale de Fribourg), ECAB (Etablissement cantonal d'assurance des bâtiments), Groupe E  and TPF (Transports publics fribourgeois) have come together under the banner ‘4 piliers de l'économie fribourgeoise’ (4P). 

The basic task of 4P is to support major sustainable projects in various areas such as culture, health, social activities, sport, etc. ...).

The 4P initiative was born in 1997. Its central purpose is thus to bring the strengths of the four undertakings (BCF, ECAB, Groupe E and TPF) together in order to work as one to achieve jointly sponsored projects.

The first steps were taken at the Fribourg Fair where 4P introduced itself as a grouping to participants in the Fribourg economy. Many other similar events will be held from year to year to reinforce the new common identity.