Travel cards and tickets

How to find the ticket that is right for you

How can you get the ticket that is the most appropriate for your journey quickly and easily? TPF has a wide variety of means of issuing tickets, all of which are user-friendly. If you prefer personal service then you can buy your ticket from a ticket office. If on the other hand you prefer the convenience of a ticket machine then you can get a TPF card from one of our sales outlets. If you have access to the internet you may also buy your ticket Online, with the TPF application or by downloading a bar-coded e-ticket on to your mobile phone. 


Ordinary single Frimobil ticket

For occasional journeys, a single Frimobil ticket will allow you to travel freely in the zones you select.

One-day Frimobil ticket

To make unlimited journeys in the zones you select, buy a one-day Frimobil ticket. It will allow unrestricted travel within those zones on the day of purchase until the end of services.

Frimobil travel cards

A Frimobil travel card will allow you to travel without restriction for a week, a month or a year in the zones you select, and under advantageous conditions too.


Online shop

Purchase or renew your season tickets online. The TPF webshop lets you purchase your tickets in just a few clicks from your computer or phone.

TPF ticket offices

Transports publics fribourgeois (TPF) welcome you to their sales points where they can offer you numerous services and personal advice.

Partners / Kiosks

You can also buy your tpf card or your Frimobil season ticket from our partners' sales points. Many shops throughout the Canton can also sell you a ticket.

Ticket machines

Machines are being used to issue tickets. Several means of payment such as banknotes, coins and the tpf card are accepted.

tpf card

The tpf card is used like an electronic wallet. Customers only have to hold their card next to the reader on the ticket machine to pay for the journey and receive the ticket.


A mobile phone can be an attractive alternative to buying tickets from ticket machines for in-town tickets or even one-day travel cards.


This new app allows passengers to pay for their journeys with just two clicks, the first on getting on the vehicle and the second when getting off.