the tpf card

An electronic wallet

The tpf card is used like an electronic wallet. Customers only have to hold their card next to the reader on the ticket machine to pay for the journey and receive the ticket. The card uses RFID contactless technology similar to the technology used for inclusive ski tickets. Customers may even hold their wallets next to the reader without taking the card out.  

The advantages of a TPF card
Customers may load their TPF card with up to CHF 300 as prepayment of fares at ticket machines. Customers may check their balance at any time using a ticket machine. TPF cards have a ‘favourite journey' option. This option allows passengers to record details of their most frequent journeys. Once stored in this way customers may call up the ‘quick print' option, and when the TPF card is presented to the card reader the ticket chosen is issued immediately without any other action on the part of the customer. The cost of the ticket is debited automatically from the TPF card.

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