SMS tickets

Your telephone can act as a ticket

A mobile phone can be an attractive alternative to buying tickets from ticket machines for in-town tickets or even one-day travel cards. SMS tickets are only available in the greater Fribourg zone (Frimobil zone 10) and in the Bulle and conurbation zone (Frimobil zone 30). 

You can also buy your ticket using our app.

Some advantages of SMS tickets 

  • It’s easy to buy them 
  • It’s quick to buy them 
  • You can buy them on the move 
  • You don’t need small change 
  • You can buy them using any Swiss mobile network 
  • The cost is debited directly from your telephone bill or from your prepayment account 
  • There is no service charge 

Practical guide 

Dial 873 and then:

  • 10 or 30 for a full fare ticket, CHF 2.90
  • 10R or 30R for a ticket at the reduced rate, CHF 2.20*
  • J10 or J30 for one-day travel card, CHF 8.80
  • J10R or J30R for a one-day travel card at the reduced rate, CHF 5.70*
  • Nuit for the night bus supplement, CHF 5.-

* Young people less than 16 years old and holders of a half-fare card 

Conditions of use 

  • Tickets must be purchased before boarding the vehicle 
  • Passengers must make sure that they have received their SMS tickets before boarding the vehicle 
  • Passengers' telephones must be switched on for the whole of the duration of the validity of the SMS ticket so that ticket checks can be made 
  • General points: tickets are only valid in Frimobil zones 10 and 30 

 Map of Frimobil

Other questions?

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