Discounted tickets

Discounted tickets have arrived for line S50!
From 15 December 2019, passengers travelling between Bulle and stations on the north shore of Lake Geneva on line S50 via Châtel-St-Denis will be able to buy discounted tickets at up to 50% off. Discounted tickets will be available online from the CFF website until 1 hour before departure and for journeys in 2nd class only. 


Cheaper journeys to Lausanne and Geneva 
With the discounted tickets now available for line S50, you can now travel between Bulle and Geneva Airport for just CHF 9.80! 

How does it work?

Discounted tickets can be purchased online from the CFF website. Simply enter the journey route and day of travel. When the journey times are displayed, discounted tickets are marked by a percentage sign in the top left-hand corner of the journey option. Once a journey has been selected and paid for, the discounted ticket can be downloaded and/or printed.

Top tips

Only a limited number of discounted tickets are available for any given journey; the earlier you book, the more chance you have of enjoying a discount. 
Discounted tickets are only valid for the date and time chosen. If you miss the train or change your journey, you can purchase a ticket at full fare and obtain a refund for the discounted ticket after your journey (cancellation fees apply). 

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