Switzerland's handiest ticket

FAIRTIQ is a mobile ticketing app for public transportation offered jointly by 21 public transport companies and allows to travel in the whole Switzerland. This app allows passengers to pay for their journeys with just two clicks, the first on getting on the vehicle and the second when getting off. As with the mobile phone app, check-in works with a single click on the Apple Watch.

So how does it work?

Download the FAIRTIQ application from the App Store or Google Play and choose how you want to pay for your journeys. Before getting on, you just need to press ‘start' and then when you have arrived at your destination, press ‘stop'. If you forget to flag up that you have left the vehicle, the app will send a reminder automatically.

With FAIRTIQ, you can travel throughout the entire GA route network (Switzerland and Liechtenstein). FAIRTIQ computes for you the best available fare for your journey. 


FAIRTIQ works out the cost of your journey and debits it directly from the account you selected: 

  • Credit card (VISA oder Mastercard) 
  • PostFinance Card
  • Twint
  •  Reka

The application may be used in the whole Switzerland.


With FAIRTIQ bonus, regular passengers who use the FAIRTIQ mobile application for ticket purchase benefit from an automatic reward. Frequent passengers using this application now receive a reward: the more customers travel, the more they save. By using FAIRTIQ over 5 days in a given current month, the passenger benefits of a credit corresponding to 5% of all transport costs for the previous month, to be used in the following month. 

To obtain the benefit of the FAIRTIQ bonus, all that is required, is to travel using this application without purchasing a season ticket. When registering in the application, you will need to record your preferences concerning the half fare, the class of travel selected, and the zones season tickets. The system then automatically detects the total number of journeys made in the month, in order to grant a reduction of 5% during the following month. Thus, the occasional customer benefits of a discount, without having to purchase a season ticket or being limited in rides undertaken and routes used. 

FAIRTIQ brings ticket vending machines to your wrist

As with the mobile phone app, check-in works with a single click on the Apple Watch. You can use FAIRTIQ with all public transportation companies in the whole Switzerland. 

A novel application

FAIRTIQ provides an easy way to pay for your journeys, only paying for the journeys you actually make. The system limits the cost of all your journeys within a day to the fare for a one-day travel card, so you don't need to puzzle over what sort of ticket to buy.  

More information:  fairtiq.ch