Download timetables

The timetables for individual routes are available as a pdf downloaded. Timetables are valid from 10 December 2017 to 08 December 2018. Please ensure that timetables printed yearly are valid.

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Fribourg conurbation

Timetable applicable to Fribourg town and the surrounding areas, in PFD format: 11 bus lines serving this area, as well as the funicular railway linking the lower town and the town centre.


Timetable applicable to Bulle town and the surrounding areas, in PDF format: three bus lines serving this area.

Regional bus

Bus timetable for lines running within the Fribourg periphery, in PDF format: the entire canton of Fribourg is served by more than 40 lines.

Agglo night buses

Night bus timetable, in PDF format: 5 lines available to take you home in the evening and during the night.

Fribourg|Freiburg Regional Express Network (RER)

The RER timetable, in PDF format: 4 railway lines linking the various conurbations, both within and outside of the canton of Fribourg.