Lost property

It’s easy to recover your belongings
In conjunction with SBB, Transports publics fribourgeois offer a service to reunite you with property that you have lost on the public transport system. This joint system makes the search for items lost easier by simplifying the procedure and thus increasing your chances of finding your belongings.

On-line lost property enquiry form

Start the search for your lost property by filling out the lost property enquiry form. There is no charge for filling out the form. You can choose where to pick up your belongings, but you must specify where you will pick them up on the form.  

Lost property enquiries at sales points

Likewise you can report the loss of your belongings at one of the TPF sales points (an administrative fee of CHF 15 is charged for this service).

Recovery fee

The following administrative fees are charged when you collect your belongings:  

Conditions Charges
Holders of abonnements générals or annual Frimobil season tickets CHF 5.- per object
Holders of half price abonnements or monthly Frimobil season tickets CHF 10.- per object
Other passengers CHF 20.- per object

We will notify you if we have found your belongings by e-mail or SMS message. 

Storage of property

Public transport regulations require lost property to be stored for the following periods:

  • belongings with a value not exceeding CHF 50 - a month
  • belongings with a value of CHF 50 or above - three months

Unclaimed items

After the expiry of the statutory period, unclaimed items are passed to the fundsachenverkauf organisation and are then auctioned on ricardo.ch.

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