TPF is proud to support a number of projects spread right across the whole Canton of Fribourg. Amongst these projects are: 


Beyond its role as a simple carrier, TPF is anxious to involve itself in the cultural, sporting and social life of the canton, particularly where that also supports public transport. 
To cope with an increasing number of requests for sponsorship, TPF has decided on ranking criteria to determine the projects it will support. Our policy is to sponsor organisations which share our values and support sustainability. It implies a commitment to working together and to similar objectives. The key criterion for selection is the degree to which values are shared by TPF and the organisation seeking sponsorship.
If your project complies with the criteria above, we would be delighted to consider your application; please fill out the form below. To ensure a successful partnership, your request must be submitted at least six months prior to the event.
We regret that we can only consider proposals which explain in detail how the project will fit in with our sponsorship criteria.


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