The figures show that advertising on public transport is a recipe for success.
  • 75% of people like and even love advertising.
  • 80% of people have seen your advertisements within three days of your advertising campaign starting. 
  • 16% of Swiss advertising expenditure is spent on outside advertisements. This trend is rising due to the growth in population, the attractive offers advertised and new digital advertising opportunities.

Every year, TPF transport more than 31 million passengers by coach, bus, train or funicular railway. This is the equivalent of transporting the entire population of Bulle four times a day. By selecting TPF to spread your advertising message, it will benefit from high visibility both in the town of Fribourg as well as across the entire canton. 


Three partners help TPF market its advertising space:

  1. Media f for customers based in the Fribourg Canton and the Broye Vaudoise. Media f is exclusively responsible for see-through graphics on buses, internal space within buildings, screens in stations (DigiScreen), screens on ticket machines (DigiStreet) and for promotional services in stations.

    Media f SA
    +41 26 426 42 42
  2. Customers based outside the Fribourg Canton and the Broye Vaudoise should contact: 

    SGA Traffic for see-through graphics on buses and interior sites (hanging cards and window films).

    APG|SGA Traffic AG
    +41 21 644 24 70

    For Livesystems broadcast on digital screens in vehicles.

    +41 840 000 008