View and download maps for all five TPF networks

What stops are the closest to my house? What routes do the regional lines run over? There is a map to answer every question. Every network map may be downloaded and printed. Maps are valid from 10 December 2017 to 08 December 2018. Please ensure that maps printed yearly are valid.

The timetables for individual routes are now available: 


Routes within the Fribourg conurbation . 11 bus routes serve this area as well as the funicular which links the Basse-Ville to the centre of the town.


Mobul network. Three bus routes serve the town of Bulle and its locality.

Regional bus

Regional bus network. The entire canton of Fribourg is served by more than 40 lines.

Agglo night buses

When you want to return in the evening. 5 lines available to take you home in the evening and during the night.

RER Fribourg | Freiburg

Fribourg/Freiburg RER trains run every hour (and even every 30 minutes at some times) on all the rail routes within the Fribourg Canton to get you to your work, to your studies and for leisure.


To find out how many tariff zones your journey involves, click and consult the diagram showing the Frimobil integrated tariff community.