New quieter trains in the south of the canton
From 13 December 2015, new trains will be running in the south of the canton. TPF would like to warn you that these trains are much quieter than those currently running on the Palézieux – Châtel-St-Denis, Châtel-St-Denis – Bulle, Bulle – Broc-Fabrique and Bulle – Montbovon line. Please take extra care near tracks, on level crossings and at stations.

Video control
The Federal Passenger Transport Act (LTV: RS 745.1) governing passenger transport provides the powers necessary for public transport companies to install video surveillance (Article 55 LTV). TPF (Transports publics fribourgeois) have therefore made use of these powers and most of their vehicles and stations are now equipped with CCTV that complies with the current regulations. The purpose of surveillance is to protect users of the service as well as the operations and the infrastructure themselves.

What to do in the event of an accident?
Despite our best efforts to ensure passengers' safety, accidents do occasionally happen and passengers may fall victim to those, especially given the high traffic volumes on our roads.

On board our vehicles
In the event of a fall or damage caused, for example, by doors closing or sudden braking, please keep the travel ticket that your were using at the time of the incident. It is extremely important to be able to identify the vehicle and the driver involved.

On the road
(as a person involved or witness to a road accident involving motor vehicles, two-wheeled vehicles, or even pedestrians).
Please contact the insurance department on 026/351 03 42 from 08:30-11:30 from Monday to Friday (except on public holidays).

For any other cases or in case of doubt, please contact the customer service department.

Information required

In order to enable us to process your request as quickly and as efficiently as possible, please provide us with the following information:
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Location
  • Route No
  • Destination (of the bus/train)
  • The TPF vehicle No (or if not available, the type of vehicle)
  • Any information which the driver may provide
  • Witness details, if available

The form below must be completed in the following cases (non-exhaustive list): 

  • Fall on-board a vehicle
  • damage caused by doors closing/opening
  • accident involving a pushchair
  • injuries recorded during a road accident whilst travelling on a TPF vehicle.