About TPF

Summary of what we do

TPF carries more than 31 million passengers a year in the Fribourg canton and surrounding areas. The undertaking, which offers several modes of transport, has several quite unusual characteristics.


La mobilité est la raison d'être du groupe TPF depuis 1868. Il couvre aujourd'hui l'ensemble du canton de Fribourg, avec ses trains, ses bus régionaux et ses lignes urbaines.


As the main provider of passenger transport in the Fribourg canton, TPF has wide-reaching responsibilities. The economic and social development of the whole region is part of their mandate.


TPF supports and applies fundamental ethical values when providing its every-day services.


The communications policy of Transports publics fribourgeois is based on transparency. The undertaking provides a great deal of information about its activities. Media professionals follow this information attentively.

Portraits de départements

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