Train Rétro

Escape the daily grind
The TPF Vintage Train whisks passengers across the Gruyère or Pays d'Enhaut countryside aboard 1920s rolling stock. Transformed into a moving restaurant for a foodie adventure, it comes in various formats, including the Fondue Train, Pays-d'Enhaut Fondue Train, Sushi Train and Special Occasion Train. 

Train Fondue

Try the 'Train Fondue' for an unforgettable dinner outing in a fantastic setting. A vintage train will take you to Montbovon, where you can enjoy our traditional silky smooth Swiss fondue in a truly unique setting.

Train Sushi

A day out for foodies! Join the vintage train in Bulle to enjoy a journey through the Gruyère countryside to Montbovon. On arrival in Montbovon, you will be able to savour a delicious selection of sushi accompanied by a Japanese side salad and an oriental dessert.