Saint Valentine's Fondue Train

Enjoy a romantic fare
Fancy spending a romantic evening for two enjoying a freshly prepared menu made especially for you?  On Friday 14 February 2020, TPF's Vintage Train will take you on a romantic journey all the way to Montbovon, in the heart of the Gruyère region. 
Start your journey by making your very own chocolate treat at the Maison Cailler chocolate factory (optional activity*). Next, board the Vintage Train at Bulle and watch the picture-postcard landscape go by while sipping an aperitif with your Valentine. Upon arrival at Montbovon you dine on one of three tartare dishes created by L'Unique Tartare :
  • "Classic" beef: gherkins, capers, olives, tomatoes, anchovies, fried onions and cognac
  • "Italian" beef: capers, olives, tomatoes, Parmesan shavings, fried onions, truffle oil and whisky
  • "Classic" salmon: pineapple, mango, capers, dill, fried onions and vodka 
L'Unique Tartare is delighted to travel aboard the Vintage Train to serve you an exquisite freshly prepared meal that can be tailored to your taste. You will also receive a small Valentine's gift on the return journey.  
* 24 seats available


Call to make a reservation
(CHF 1.00/min.)



CHF 289.90 with activity at the Maison Cailler
CHF 189.90 without activity at the Maison Cailler 

Included: train journey to Broc and Cailler activity (if workshop chosen), journey from Bulle to Montbovon and back, aperitif and glass of Champagne, Romantic Menu (150 g tartare of your choice, mixed salad, rolls, butter and dessert)and special Valentine's gift.
Drinks are not included - Drinks menu

Special fare: no reductions for holders of a GA travelcard, half-fare travelcard or junior travelcard.

On the day of your excursion your ticket will cover all public transport within the Canton of Fribourg and the Broye vaudoise right up to the limits of the Frimobil zone


(Bookings may be made up to two days before the date of travel)

  • Online
  • By telephone on 0900 320 320 (CHF 1.00/min)
  • At the ticket offices at Fribourg, Bulle, Estavayer-le-Lac, Romont, Palézieux or Châtel-St-Denis

Gift voucher order / Groups of 20 or more


With activity at Maison Cailler
Departure from Bulle at 16:17 for workshop at Maison Cailler in Broc
Return to Bulle at 18:43
Departure for Montbovon at 19:20 and return scheduled for 22:12

Without activity at Maison Cailler
Departure from Bulle at 19:20 
Return scheduled for 22:12


Booking Conditions

  • Tickets must be purchased by the day of the excursion; they will be checked by the hostess on the train. 
  • If you have booked and paid within five days of the excursion, bring a copy of your receipt with you. 
  • Cancellation and refund: if cancelled five or more days before the excursion, tickets will be fully refunded (a refund fee of CHF 5.00 per ticket will be charged). No refunds can be made for cancellations within five days of the excursion. 
  • To cancel your reservation telephone +41 26 913 05 12 or e-mail train-retro(at)
  • When making their reservation, passengers may choose cold meat instead of fondue (charcuterie, rolled ham, salami, prosciutto, dried meat and carrot salad).

Works taking place in Bulle Station

Following the works taking place at Bulle station, a large number of parking spaces will be removed in the station area. For this reason, you are strongly advised to use public transport and to take advantage of the Frimobil provision to reach to your leisure destination. For this same reason, the timetable 2020 are subject to change.