TPF stand for and share fundamental values for using and developing their know-how. These values may basically be summarised in a six-point vision of an ideal towards which the company and its workforce should constantly strive.

  1. As a public transport company, we meet the ever-increasing need for transport and we use our know-how and our multimodality in order to provide a high-quality, effective and efficient service.
  2. We provide door-to-door transport for our customers. Our services ensure that customers enjoy a greater level of comfort; we provide modern premises and reception areas. In doing so, we create sustainable added value for TPF, their customers, the canton of Fribourg and the surrounding areas.

  3. Our customers and sponsors are proof of our reliability and view us as credible partners
  4. Showing respect for our customers is a top priority. Customer satisfaction is a guiding factor in everything we undertake and our customer's comments help us to improve our services.
  5. The relationships between our workforce are based on trust, respect and mutual support. Leadership and training contribute to their development and our levels of excellence.
  6. Responsible management, a sense of innovation, professionalism, commitment and compliance with the safety regulations help us to achieve our ambitious objectives and to ensure that TPF is a modern public transport company.